Phil’s mum.

okay serious question

so I want to know the opinion of everyone else, in Phan, who would you say plays the role of the dom and sub/top and bottom/seme and uke? Because most of the time, my idea of the roles is completely different from whatever the fandom’s is (coughjalexcough)

SO YEAH. PHAN. TOP AND BOTTOMS. Just want to know~

I just found this and have to agree with the comment; it is interesting. Whether it’s “phan” or just their friendship, Phil and Dan have come a long way :’)
I need some good blogs to follow

If you post/reblog/whatever the fantastic foursome, like/reblog this post and I’ll check you out! I need more of them on my dash and on my blog to keep this Phanblog running. Much love <3

friendly reminder that Phil has sexted

Dan and Phil are going to scroll through the tags and literally be attacked by all of our sexually frustrated comments and fangirling nonsense, even more than is usually there. it’s going to be so great lol

Phil’s lying he doesn’t sext ok it’s just like when our parents lied to us about Santa.

I refuse to believe this nonsense.

imagine the picture that Phil tried to send to his girlfriend reached you instead of her

just imagine.

wait, they’ll be back on the radio later, right? Fuck living in Ohio.