I haven’t been on here in forever, but I think today I should.

Danosaurs, Phillions, I love you all so much. If you ever need to talk to someone, I’ll always be here for you. xo

If any of you in this phanmily are reading this right now, I love you. Ok?

I love you.

If you ever need to talk or anything, you can always come to me. Don’t turn to your blades or your pills or your bottles. There are always people out there who love you and are willing to help. Don’t you ever forget that.


This is for any of you reading this right now; don’t you even dare feel like you shouls hurt yourselves or take your own life, okay? Make this promise with me now. Don’t do it. You’re incredible.

You mean so much to me, and the rest of this phamily. You have a reason, a purpose, and a meaning. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you that who you are or what you’re doing is wrong, because get this:

You’re PERFECT the way you are. You’re doing fine with the way you’re going. I’m proud of you and who you are, and I don’t want to watch you hurt yourself or have other people hurt you. You don’t deserve it.

I love you.



I just want Phil to come to my house and sing “We’re soarin’!” over and over again to me

that’s all I want now

guys, the live show is in an hour

this is it

our first view of the new flat

shout-outs also to phandoms-sanity, whose one post made me die.

and dans-abortion for taking it too far.

and phils-feet for thoroughly scaring and confusing me.

also, the Rejected Keyboard, and all of the Boxes made me cry with laughter sometimes. REVEAL YOURSELVES

seriously tho Drill you were fantastic literally let me love you